A Thank You Note

It’s been a week ever since myself and my 17 friends-cum-teammates finalizes our final performance for the Criminal Law in Practice class. After months of practicing our moot, writing up documents, summarizing cases, tons of readings, arguments, one visit to the emergency room, 20 pans of pizza and bottomless coke, we’re finally done. We sum it up with the two-hour session of karaoke, three birthday cakes, and one big pot of sukiyaki for each and every one of us.

And then entered a new month; our group work is done, only the group chat remains. Group pictures and embarrassing photos of the member filled the chat album. From what begun as a group of 9 guys and 9 girls from two different social circles came into one to act out an adaptation of the prosecution of a notable case in Indonesia. I act up as a co-leader to the group and were playing the character of the convict. It first begun as all fun and game, continued with perpetual stress and then ended up with a big sigh of relief and remained a nickname for myself, “Mami”.

A week has passed and I don’t remember clearly the legal theories we had all used, but I remember all the jokes we made — be it funny, corny or borderline offensive. Funny how even now we boasted our group dynamics despite the different personalities in the group. We may all have personal vendettas to one another and as a group, we have common rivalries but all and all it ended up in laughter.

One of the members asked me, “Would you like to change something?”. Thinking deep my answer should’ve been a yes, but as of now I only wish that we have a variety of examiner present during our moot. But then again, maybe this is enough. And for it, thank you.

May we continue on this budding friendship of 18.



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